One Minute In America (1993)

(4:3, 1 Min., Farbe colour, D 1993)

„Can US poitics be defined in one minute?
Kai Zimmers scratch video achieves the impossible.
His ironic compressed survey of the Tv appearences
of the presidential candidates culminates in a
melancholy Ross Perots philosophical conclusion: Time is no longer our friend.“
(Katalog Internationaler Videokunstpreis 1994, ZKM Karlsruhe)

„Videoscratching in seiner schönsten Form.”
(Katalog Stuttgarter Filmwinter 1994 )

„The relation between politics and media is exposed.
The American election campaign reduced to its essence: score!“
(Katalog Impakt Festival, Utrecht 1994 )

„Time says Kai, is running out for america.
We know that, but never thought it could be so entertaining.“
(Katalog Gang Warfare 1995)