One Minute In America (1993)

(4:3, 1 Min., Farbe colour, D 1993)

ONE MINUTE IN AMERICA (Videostill, 1993)

„Time is no longer our friend.“ (Ross Perot)

„Can US poitics be defined in one minute?
Kai Zimmers scratch video achieves the impossible.
His ironic compressed survey of the Tv appearences
of the presidential candidates culminates in a
melancholy Ross Perots philosophical conclusion: Time is no longer our friend.“
(Katalog Internationaler Videokunstpreis 1994, ZKM Karlsruhe)

„Videoscratching in seiner schönsten Form.”
(Katalog Stuttgarter Filmwinter 1994 )

„The relation between politics and media is exposed.
The American election campaign reduced to its essence: score!“
(Katalog Impakt Festival, Utrecht 1994 )

„Time says Kai, is running out for america.
We know that, but never thought it could be so entertaining.“
(Katalog Gang Warfare 1995)